Future use of markings in the UK

Is your business UKCA Ready? From 1 January 2022, the CE marking will not be recognised in Great Britain for areas covered by this guidance and the UKCA marking. However, a product bearing the CE marking would still be valid for sale in the UK so…

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Mockridge Labels & Nameplates

Digital Labels

Mockridge Digital Labels are produced on the latest machinery from roll solvent printers, to LED UV flat bed printers. Digital labels are ideal for short print runs and for producing high quality multi colour prints with gradients and photographs. We…

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Domed Labels, Gel Labels, Bubble Labels

Resin Domed Badges | Gel Badges

Mockridge Resin Domed Badges are the perfect way to enhance your products. (Sometimes referred to as Gel Badges, Bubble Labels, 3D Domes) They are used in many applications. Equipment manufacturers apply them as permanent marking for their products as they…

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