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Asset marking plays a crucial role in efficiently managing and safeguarding valuable resources for businesses and organisations.
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ASSET MARKING: Smart labels, smarter assets

Asset labels are specifically designed to identify and track assets, ranging from office equipment and machinery to IT devices and furniture. Each label typically contains essential information, such as asset numbers, barcodes, QR codes, or RFID tags, enabling seamless and accurate asset tracking.

By affixing asset labels, organisations can establish a comprehensive asset management system. This system allows for easy monitoring of asset locations, usage history, maintenance schedules, and depreciation. As a result, asset labels facilitate streamlined asset auditing, minimising the risk of theft, loss, or misplacement.
Asset labels also serve as a deterrent against theft and unauthorised usage. By visibly marking assets with identification labels, potential thieves are discouraged, and the chances of recovery in case of theft are significantly improved.

Asset labels are indispensable tools for businesses seeking efficient asset management, increased security, and improved productivity. With their ability to streamline tracking, prevent losses, and promote responsible asset handling, asset labels prove instrumental in creating a well-organised and successful enterprise.
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Asset marking, a process of labeling or tagging valuable items in an organisation, comes with several distinct advantages that enhance security, efficiency, and accountability. 

First and foremost, asset marking acts as a powerful deterrent against theft and unauthorised use. Visible labels or tags on valuable equipment, tools, or devices signal to potential thieves that the assets are traceable and easily identifiable, dissuading them from attempting theft.


Asset marking can help businesses to keep track of their assets and ensure that they are all accounted for. This can be particularly important for businesses with a large number of assets, or for businesses that need to track the movement of assets between different locations.


Asset marking can help businesses to comply with industry regulations. For example, many industries require businesses to track the location of hazardous materials. Asset marking can make it easier for businesses to comply with these regulations.

Asset Visibility

Asset marking makes it far easier to see where your assets are located and who is using them. This can help to improve efficiency and productivity.


Asset marking can help to improve asset accountability by making it easier to track who is responsible for each asset. This can help to prevent asset misuse and abuse.

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Barcodes have revolutionised the way businesses manage inventory, streamline processes, and enhance overall efficiency. These simple yet powerful graphical representations of data provide a standardised and easily scannable method of encoding information, such as product details, pricing, and tracking numbers.

QR codes have become a versatile tool in today's digital world. These two-dimensional square barcodes encode a wealth of information, such as website URLs, contact details, product information, and more, making them an efficient means of sharing data with just a quick scan.


Consecutive numbering is a systematic method of assigning sequential numbers to items or documents in a chronological order. This approach is widely used in various administrative and organisational processes to provide a unique identification for each item, enabling easy tracking, retrieval, and reference.

This straightforward and efficient method streamlines data management, enhances traceability, and contributes to the overall efficiency and reliability of a range of business processes, ensuring a smooth flow of information and increased accuracy in various organisational operations.


Material choice is a critical step in the design process. The material used for a product will have a significant impact on its performance, cost, and sustainability. There are many factors to consider when choosing a material, including the application, the environment, the budget, and the desired aesthetic.

LEXAN™ Polycarbonate

LEXAN™ Polycarbonate Film is a high quality, tough, stable and heat-resistant material ideally suited to a number of graphic and industrial applications.

Available in Matt & Gloss finish

Available Thicknesses:
125 micron | 175 micron | 250 micron | 375 micron | 500 micron
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Folex® Polyester

Folex® hard coat polyester provide greatly enhanced surface hardness, chemical resistance and flex life and are ideally suited for reverse printed graphics, fascia-panel and membrane touch switch manufacturers.
Available in Matt & Gloss finish

Available Thicknesses:
150 micron | 250 micron
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Transparent & white rigid PVC film, impact modified. Suitable for offset UV, digital, screen, flexo and gravure printing. An anti-glare effect and scratch resistance can both be achieved with an embossed surface.

Available in White & Clear finish

Available Thicknesses:
140 micron | 240 micron | 480 micron | 700 micron | 1000 micron

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Oracal® Vinyl

We have a wide range of self adhesive vinyl to choose from. Each grade has multiple variations of finish, including gloss white vinyl, matt white vinyl, gloss clear vinyl and matt clear vinyl.

Available in Matt & Gloss finish

Available Thickness:
100 micron
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We stock a wide range of material each with it’s own unique characteristics. If you require something that isn’t listed, please get in touch with our sales team who will do their upmost to source the material you require.

We have excellent, long standing relationships with our suppliers and are able to source material at a fraction of the cost of most competitors.

If you already have the material, we can print on customer’s own material and further reduce costs.
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Choosing the correct adhesive is an important step and we stock a wide range of adhesives to suit any situation.

3M™ 467MP

3M™ Adhesive Transfer Tape 467MP provides outstanding adhesion to metal and high surface energy plastics. 200MP adhesive delivers excellent shear strength to resist slippage and edge lifting.
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3M™ 468MP

3M™ Adhesive Transfer Tape 468MP get excellent shear strength, temperature and chemical resistance with our easy to apply 3M™ Adhesive Transfer Tape 468MP. It’s an acrylic adhesive on a polycoated kraft paper liner and is ideal for die-cutting.
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3M™ 300LSE

300LSE Adhesive provides excellent bonding to low surface energy substrates including powder coatings and plastics such as polypropylene (PP). It also has high adhesion to and lightly oiled metals and high surface energy materials, making it suitable for bonding dissimilar substrates. This adhesive also provides excellent holding power and anti-lifting properties
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Options Available

The following options are available below to enhance your product.
If you require something different please let us know.
Option of Resin Domed Finish
Option of Serialisation, Barcodes or QR Codes
Gloss or Matt Laminate Available
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Our team is composed of experienced sales professionals who have a deep understanding of the label industry and a strong commitment to meeting our clients’ needs. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique requirements and develop customised solutions that meet their specific needs.

We take pride in providing exceptional customer service, from the initial consultation to the final delivery of your labels. Our team is available to answer your questions, provide guidance, and offer support throughout the entire process.
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