Is it really Anodised Aluminium?

We are often asked about the difference between Anodised and Dyed aluminium labels and Surface Printed Aluminium. To add to the confusion the surface printed type are often printed on to a pre-anodised surface, and are often misleadingly described as ‘Anodised Aluminium Labels’. Indeed, we see many instances of the much cheaper surface printed type labels being supplied when the customer’s specifications or technical drawing clearly specifies Anodised & Dyed labels. This subterfuge allows the suspect supplier to quote a lower price than a more honest competitor who is quoting for the specified label type.

Because the two types of aluminium labels look virtually identical when first supplied this makes it easy to mislead the customer to unwittingly use the less durable label for a rating plate or other important label. When used purely for indoor applications labels, the printed on version is perfectly satisfactory, but for outdoor or industrial applications the much more durable Anodised & Dyed Aluminium label should always be used.

If you want to learn more about the anodising & dyeing process please go to our website where you will find an information column entitled PROCESSES which describes in more detail the Anodising and Dyeing process.

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