24 May 2018

Unconventional Applications for Doming.

Hardly anyone in the field of industrial graphics can have failed to notice the enormous growth of the domed label and decal industry in recent years. Domed labels are everywhere, on cars, cameras, microwaves, DVD players, freezers, stereos, and just about every other type of consumer item. Resin doming is currently one of the fastest growing markets in the field of industrial graphics and product identification.

A conventional printed label is enhanced greatly by the application of a polyurethane dome. The label, which previously appeared flat and lifeless, is dramatically transformed into an interesting three-dimensional and decorative item. The high gloss finish enriches the printed colours, and doming is particularly effective when used on metalized polyester, where the mirror finish accentuates the ‘light bending’ effects of the dome, giving additional depth and interest,

As well as adding visual impact, the dome also serves to protect the image from damage. Polyurethane domes are very durable, having ‘self repair’ properties, which enable the surface to recover instantly from indentations; they are UV stable and non-yellowing, even when used outdoors for several years. Furthermore, the UV inhibitors used in the polyurethane coating greatly prolong the life of the printed image, by reducing the fading effects of UV light.

Despite the proven popularity of domed labels and decals in the field of product marking, they are rarely seen on garments or other fabric surfaces. This is because the normal method of applying a pre-printed and domed self-adhesive polyester or vinyl label to the product is only satisfactory if the surface to be marked is rigid. Undoubtedly the visual impact provided by the contrast of a glossy domed surface with the normally matt texture of the surrounding fabric would enhance many garments and other fabric products. Consequently there is a great deal of interest in the possibility of applying eye catching domed emblems to garments, shirts, sports bags, sneakers, baseball caps, storm proof jackets and a range of other fabric or leather items. For more information contact Mockridge Labels & Nameplates Ltd. www.mockridge.com

Article written by MMockridge
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