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Doming of fabric articles
Despite the proven popularity of domed labels and decals in the field of product marking, due to technical difficulties, they have - until now - been rarely seen on garments, or other fabric surfaces. However, we have recently developed a new technique to enable us to dome fabrics, and there is now a great deal of interest in the possibility of applying domed emblems to garments, shirts, sports bags, sneakers, baseball caps, storm proof jackets and a wide range of other fabric and leather goods.

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Because domes are so eye catching on garments and similar items, it is generally agreed that the best effect is obtained by the use of quite small and discreet domed labels. Small domes add a look of quality to the product, which effect can be diminished by the use of domes that are too large. Consequently, they are very cost effective in use. You can - and indeed you should - expect to use much smaller images than would be the case with embroidery, transfers, or screen-printing etc. with all the savings that this implies. Time and again we find customers prefer to have much smaller domed images than they would request with other methods of garment decoration.

In addition to the size requirements, one should also give careful consideration to the shape of the domed emblems for application to garments. For domes to be applied to fabrics it is strongly recommended that they are either round, elliptical, or if rectangular, with radius corners. For the comfort of the wearer, and to ensure maximum wash resistance, sharp corners are best avoided.


With conventional domed badges and decals - which are to be applied to rigid surfaces - it is rare that the subject of adhesion is discussed. Customers take it for granted that the dome will stick to their product, and stay there. The situation is somewhat different with the doming of fabrics. One question, which always arrises, is “How many washes will it withstand?” The answer to this question depends on a number of variables. For example; what is the fabric to which the domed decal is to be applied? And, what is the temperature and time of the wash cycle to be utilized? For your guidance, we have tested a cotton T shirt, with a rounded shape domed label, for 50 normal washes in a domestic washing machine, without either detectable fading of the print, or conspicuous lifting of the of the dome from the fabric. Of course, only actual wash tests will determine the definitive answer in each particular application.

The domed decals are applied to the garment - or any other fabric or leather article - by means of a heated press. This has the advantage of making the application of the finished dome almost fool proof, with virtually no risk of damage to expensive completed items. Only perfect domes are applied, without the risk of ‘misprints’ or other problems. In addition, because the labels are securely attached to the garments without the need for any stitching, the integrity of the fabric is retained. This is a particular advantage with the waterproof materials which are popular for sports jackets and coats etc. where the stitching holding a traditional type label can provide a route for moisture to penetrate to the inside of what is intended to be a weatherproof garment, requiring additional water barrier protection on the inside of the garment in vicinity of the label. Domed emblems obviate the necessity for this additional cost item.

We are able to supply the finished domed emblems to your design ready for application to the fabric, or we can supply you with the machinery and technical knowledge to enable you to produce the domed emblems in you own facility. Please contact us for further information on either of these options. We will be pleased to help you decide which is best for you.

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